Automatic Family Alert System

Frequently Asked Questions

A healthcare provider clicking the afas icon and initiating the notification sequence.
Yes. The messages provided by afas are compliant with HIPAA regulations.
Yes. afas notifies the designated recipient by using their listed phone number and offering them a call-back number for further information. This notification is nonspecific and only alerts the family member that a healthcare provider is trying to reach them.
Yes. afas User and Installation Guide provide step-by-step instructions on how to install and operate afas. We work directly with the Chief Technology Officer(s) and provide in-person assistance during the initial installation and execution of afas.

Yes. The helpdesk can be reached at 1-877-718-2327 or at

Yes. A patient may opt out at any time.

Yes. A provider can cancel a notification sequence only immediately after pressing the button. After the notification cycle begins, the only way it will terminate is with a call back or at the end of one hour.

No. On the contrary, afas was built to reduce administrative workload and alleviate some of the burdens placed on providers.
No. afas is a read-only application.

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