Automatic Family Alert System

Automated Family Alert System

What Is afas?

A solution that interfaces with Electronic Health Records to provide real-time automated notifications between providers, patients, and family members. Currently available in EPIC App Orchard but is customizable to other EHR systems, as needed.

How it works

1. afas interfaces with existing Electronic Health Records (EHR).

2. Once a patient’s record is opened, simply click the afas icon to launch.

3. afas application auto-populates and displays all current patient, provider and designated Emergency Contact information to the User.

4. Information is easily customizable and can be changed by the Provider, as needed, before pressing the SUBMIT button.

5. afas uses SMS text messaging and phone calls while attempting to connect the recipient with the healthcare provider. This cycle will repeat every 20 minutes for the duration of 1 hour or until both parties are connected.

6. Recipients will have a multilingual message option upon receipt.

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Product Information

Available on EPIC App Orchard

Easily integrates with other EHR platforms and environments

Customizable features

Our product maintains the highest level of documented information protection

information protection (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC L2 2.0))

Multilingual notification options

Auto populates information directly from EHR systems with edit capabilities

Accessible call log/historical data

afas is HLA-7 and HIPPA compliant providing the latest cybersecurity

How can we help?

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